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SpeakeasyImprov • 8 mo.

Need Help with a name. Hit “Generate More Names”, and we’ll give you 20 more names for consideration. Emotional Damager.

Four Feathers.

Nov 14, 2022 · Whatever codename she's going by, Monica Rambeau remains one of Marvel's most powerful – and often unsung – heroes. Anesthesia (Greek), meaning 'without sensation' can be a great superhero name for a super-baby who enjoys sleeping. class=" fc-falcon">Need Ideas.

Need Hero/Team name ideas! So I’m making a connected superhero universe (I know very original) but I need a name for a hero in my universe who can control all 4 elements, as. Emotional Damager.

1 – Man 2 – Girl 3 – The.

If she’s a brave one, then choose the name of “Hope” or “Faith.

The Four (Kind of Like the Seven from The Boys) MisterSinister0 • 8 mo. A guy that controls air, a guy that controls fire, a girl that controls water, and a girl that controls earth.

I welcome suggestions! Looking for: Non religious in any way (no names meaning faithful or god’s helper nor biblical names) Common spelling Not in the current top 15 most popular names for girls Not taken from boys’ names like naming a baby. 3.

Bridget (nn Birdie) Elvie Avery Ivy Zora Simone Willa Iris Pippa Poppy Juniper Tessa Laila Hailey Sadie.
I also implemented a 3 strike rule which means if the wristband goes off a.

fc-falcon">Need Ideas.

Something like Aurore, Aria, Astrid, or Nova.

Oriya, an Atlantean Queen saved the being (Jatan Ro). . 35.

fc-falcon">Need Ideas. class=" fc-falcon">Need Ideas. . I have a few superheroes that are difficult to name. If she’s a brave one, then choose the name of “Hope” or “Faith.


Here you can post your ideas for a new superhero or supervillain. Queen Oriya hid him and his spacecraft out of concern that he would be apprehended and put to death by her husband, king Nirro.

So in my story, a teenager with the power of super speed gets kicked out of his superhero school for using his powers recklessly.


Qick Backstory: An Alien spacecraft crash landed into the ocean thousands of years ago.

Superhero name ideas.

Or, alternatively, you can request for a superhero idea for your own stories, comics, or artwork.